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Dropped external Drive? No problem!

  • Hard Drive Makes Clicking Sound

    Hard drives that power up and make a continuous clicking sound typically have a failed or contaminated read head.

  • Spindle Motor Seizure

    Spindle motor seizures are a common failure after dropping an external drive. Some models are prone to this failure such as the Seagate 7200.11 & 7200.12 family of hard drives.

  • Accidental deletion of data

    It’s a common mistake we have all made at one time or other, Your in good hands, if you have formatted, deleted or even reloaded your operating system. It’s true that over written data cannot be recovered, however in most cases where drives are formatted and the OS is reloaded the majority of data may still be safe contained in other regions of the media.

We will rescue your data from any type of media failure

  • Damaged PCB Controller Board

    Contrary to popular myths online simply swapping a PCB from a similar model will not repair the device. Unique microcode known as adaptives are programmed into each drive by the manufacturer to account for manufacturing defects. Don’t take chances with your data, send it to the pros

  • Fire, water and other liquid damage

    Hard drives are not sealed devices, when exposed to a flood contaminated water will enter the drive damaging media and components. Do not attempt to power up a hard drive that has been exposed to water. Call us immediately for advice and procedures. 306 292 9893
    Keep the media wet, avoid letting the device dry.

  • Dropped / Damaged External Hard Drives

    Hard drives are fragile devices, if your drive or laptop has been dropped chances are the that sensitive internal components have been tweaked or the drive may suffer a spindle seizure. Do not power on a device that has been dropped, bent misaligned heads can cause surface scratching to the media making recovery more difficult or impossible.

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The dust has settled and the service provided by your group was very much appreciated, Professional and very conscientious, Your team went above and beyond, doing more than we expected, thank you!

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Linda Ellerton

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